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Dog costumes!

To develop for swim suits

No judgement if you love to dress up your canine friends. I don't - it's just not my thing. But then I was looking in the costume section of the McCall's book and saw an Olaf costume! I was squealing right there in the pattern department.

Joe's going to be dressed as Olaf for Halloween! And the costume shouldn't bother him much since he wears his sweater without complaining in cool weather. 

I'm going to make swimsuits for myself since they don't really fit and cost $$$. I like to wear shorts & a top since I love to do water aerobics and walking in the pool. I'll adapt the shorts to add a liner panty and use the top pattern on the right. I'll just order a good swim bra and not worry about support in the top. Of course, I'll line the swim top for modesty - some swim fabrics can get really see-through!


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