Such a long break!

Well, I'm sad to say that creating things took a back seat to work on my health. Glad to be feeling better but sorry I haven't made anything lately!

I visited my parents this last week and found a few things at the local Goodwill Outlet.

Singer 237
Missing a few things but I wanted to find a machine to try working on it.  My super nice 301 A has been refurbished and I won't be doing anything to it but oiling / cleaning, so I wanted a project machine. Hence the 237.

Back of 237

The case smells of mold even though it's plastic so first I'll be cleaning and trying some odor removal products.

It has the plate, one foot, lots of bobbins, the spool pin, and the cord & presser foot

It's pretty clean

And the wheel turns freely
Here's a pic of my 301



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