Pets & Messy living room

Joe & Emma snuggled in for a nap

Joe was so tired after going crazy in the dog park. I didn't know he could run so far and so fast!!!

Eeek! I have so much work to do to whip this mess into shape. We moved into a small space and I'm trying to fit in my sewing, journaling, and other hobbies into one spot.
The main point of this post is organization. I have a little tiny space (my living room) in which to fit all my sewing, knitting, crocheting, journaling, coloring, and computer, tv, playstations and wii. It's a lot! I'm going to take progress pictures as I go along.

First step is to find a desk that will fit through the door and put in in the place of my sewing table. I need a solid desktop to hold the sewing machine and serger both. Also, I need drawers or similar instead of just a table.

We are sharing my computer and stand up desk and it's helpful for saving floor space. I've got my most important books on the desk shelves and Tom's keeping his few books in the bedroom on the built-in dresser. Most of our books are in storage and will stay there.

I also need to think about where to store all my thesis stuff and get cracking on that. If I have any hope of finishing it I need to get busy. If I complete it over the summer, then I can get it to my committee this fall.

Well, that's where I'm at and feeling a bit stuck. Hopefully once I get the right furniture in place things will pick up again!


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