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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Completed quilt top - love these colors!!!

Quilt top done!  I won't be working with jelly rolls that have pinked edges again.  The width was more than 2.5" so I just kind of had to eyeball halfway between the points and valleys of the pinked edge to make a good seam.  So many seams ended up smaller or larger than needed.  Anyway, next time I will just buy yardage and cut my own strips.

I set up my sewing machine with the cutting board behind it and the ironing board to the right.  Easy to keep working.

Blocks completed
After the blocks were done, I chose the squares to put into each corner.

Completed quilt top

I love the color combination and the prints.  After I buy a quilt batting, I will try my hand at quilting with my machine.

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